Apple Unveils New iPhone 15, Type C Charger

iPhone 15
New iPhone 15 (Credit: Apple)

Apple has unveiled a new line of iPhones with the launch of the iPhone 15 at the Apple Event on Tuesday in California.

The new iPhone ditches the old proprietary charging port for the Type C USB port after the firm was forced to adopt the fast-charging Type C port following regulations passed by the European Union (EU).

The Type C USB is already used on many Apple devices including the MacBook and iPads.

The EU had mandated Apple to ditch its old charging port to help customers save money and encourage the reuse of chargers

A new Apple watch was also introduced with a “magical” new double tap gesture.

New Apple Watch S9

New Apple Watch S9

Key features of the new iPhone include:

  • Brighter screens and better cameras in the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus
  • The iPhone 15 Pro and Prom Max are now available in titanium frame for added strength to reduce damage. Titanium is one of the strongest materials available to be used to prevent damage to the phones when dropped accidentally.

The sticking point is that the prices of these phones are still way up there.

iPhone 15 is available from $799

iPhone 15 Plus is available from $899

iPhone 15 Pro is available from $999

iPhone 15 Pro Max is available from $1199

These phones are not cheap and its hard to justify upgrading from the old models. There are no key feature changings that would prompt the Apple faithful to race to the Apple store for an upgrade.

Predictably, the market was not too impressed and analysts are predicting lower sales for this range of iPhones especially in the current inflationary environment around the world.

Do you think the new iPhones are worth the price and trouble for users to upgrade?


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