Astha Rajvanshi, Time Magazine Writer Receives Backlash From Nigerians Over Tinubu Article

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Astha Rajvanshi, Time Magazine writer who wrote the article nominating Bola Ahmed Tinubu for the list of 100 most influential people has received backlash from Nigerians angry at her portrayal of Tinubu, who was named as the winner of the just concluded presidential elections in Nigeria.

The backlash stems from the fact that the 100 most influential list features United States President, Joe Biden. Many Nigerians believe Bola Tinubu should not even come close to such an esteemed list.

In the article, Astha described Tinubu in glowing terms as some one who helped restore democracy in 1999 and called him a power broker.

Now Astha, has been dragged by Nigerians on social media and her pages on Twitter and Linkedin have been forced to go into private mode.

The elections which produced Bola Tinubu as the winner, has been bitterly contested by opposition parties and are described even by foreign observers as characterized by voter suppression, violence, ethnic targeting and outright fraud.

To make matters worse, the opposition are citing US Court Records which directly linked Bola Tinubu to narcotics trafficking resulting in his forfeiture of $460,000 to the US Government.

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