Basketball Super Star, Lebron James Wishes He Could Live A Normal Life

Lebron James (Credit:

Despite all the fame and fortune, the billionaire American basketball star, Lebron James, still wishes he could live a normal life just like everyone else.

James said he was not complaining about his stardom and fortune but says there are times when his fame can become challenging.

James, who plays for the NBA Team, LA Lakers, revealed this in an interview with the New York Times.

He said he wishes he could just go to Target and Starbucks just like regular people.

Of course that is not possible when you are one of the most recognizable persons in the world.

Lebron James, 38, has a net worth of $1billion according to Forbes Magazine.

He is regarded as one of the greatest players to ever play basketball and is compared to the living legend himself, Michael Jordan.

James has won 4 NBA championships, 4 NBA MVP awards, 4 NBA Finals MVP, 3 All Star MVP awards and 2 Olympic gold medals.

Lebron James is the first and only player in NBA history to get over 10,000 career points, rebounds and assists.

With such lofty records and fortune, it is almost impossible to live a normal life.

Lebron James and Wife, Savannah (Getty Images)
Lebron James and Wife, Savannah (Getty Images)

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