Divorce Wahala: Achraf Hakimi’s Wife Finds Nothing To Share In Divorce

Hakimi and Hiba-1
Hakimi and Hiba (UK Daily News)

Morocco and Paris Saint Germain (PSG) star, Achraf Hakimi is making global news headlines after his wife discovered he owns nothing and everything she thought he owned was registered under his mother’s name!

Hiba Abouk, the wife of Hakimi made this discovery during ongoing divorce proceedings in court when she demanded half of all the property and cash owned by the Moroccan footballer.

Hakimi, 24 and Abouk, 36, have two sons between them and have been married for three years. She filed for divorce in March 2023 after Paris Police opened an investigation of rape against Hakimi.

The shocking discovery seems to be a wise decision by Hakimi to domicile all his money and property in his mother’s name. Hakimi basically owns nothing. Houses, cars and cash are all in his mother’s name.

Hakimi earns roughly a million euros monthly and and rougly 80 percent of that goes to his mother.

The relationship between Hakimi and his wife had been deteriorating for months and the rape allegations ony accelerated the breakdown.

The fact that she is 12 years older than him implies she was a lot wiser in the ways of the world, or so she thought. Now she gets to go home with nothing except the court gives a bizzare judgement.

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