Election Results Illegitimate, Nigeria On The Verge of Chaos – NLC

NLC (Credit: BBC)

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), has rejected and declared the February 25th election results illegitimate.

NLC has also warned that any benefiting government of such heist would be totally illegitimate.

The congress describes any such benefiting government would be a civilian coup organized by INEC against the fundamental rights and choices of the Nigerian people.

NLC accused the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) of clear sabotage of the BVAS which Nigerians were led to believe would guarantee the legitimacy of elections in Nigeria.

NLC also said INEC’s actions have sabotaged the integrity of the election and undermine the credibility of its outcomes. It is the process that confers legitimacy on the outcome and anything that contaminates it renders the outcomes inchoate.

The Nigerian elections have been characterized by chaos and irregularities which have been protested by the leading opposition parties.
The results from the polling units were supposed to have been transmitted electronically to the national collation center but the reverse has been the case. This lapse which many class as deliberate has plunged the election results process into complete crisis.

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