House On The Rock Abuja Pastor Apologizes For Ak47 Incident

Paul Aigbe
Aigbe With the AK47

Uche Aigbe, the pastor who went viral recently for posing on the pulpit with an AK47 rifle has apologized to his congregation and to the nation for the act.

Aigbe who is the presiding pastor of House on the Rock Church, Abuja made the apology on Sunday at the church and posted the video on the social media page of the church.

Aigbe had been arrested and interrogated along with the owner of the AK47 rifle, Police Inspector, Musa Audu.

These are Aigbe’s words in the video:

“This morning I stand before you with a deep sense of sobriety and contrition as I humbly address the event of last Sunday at the second service which most of us were part of, where I used an unloaded firearm to illustrate some texts from the Bible regarding the good fight of faith.

“Of course, like you all know, it has caused a lot of embarrassment and pain to the entire church family, to you House on the Rock (The Refuge), to my immediate family and, of course, to myself. The decision that I made to use that firearm was not thoughtful. It has left me disappointed in myself. My action has been very traumatic for me, my family and, I am sure, for many of us. And I trust that we will never ever experience such again.”

He also announced he would be withdrawing from his pastoral duties to reflect.

The actions of Uche Aigbe with the AK47 rifle on the pulpit had caused a stir nationwide with many condemning his actions as insensitive and unnecessary.

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