India To Block 232 Loan and Betting Apps

Loan Apps in India
Loan Apps in India (Credit:

The Indian government is blocking 232 apps that offer loans and betting services in the country.

This move by the government is to prevent the misuse of Indian citizens data. The apps all have Chinese links.

The Indian state-owned broadcaster PBNS posted this information on its Twitter page.

The Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said the apps mislead people into taking big debts while also expressing concern that the apps could be used for espionage and propaganda.

Lending apps in India have become notorious for non-transparent practices which forced the Indian Central Bank to introduce stringent new rules for digital lending firms. Many of the apps have been fingered for their unwholesome practices.

India has stepped up enforcement of bans on Chinese linked apps while blaming such apps for potential breach of India’s sovereignty and integrity.

India and China have been having problems especially with boundary disputes.

Chinese owned apps have also been very aggressive targeting foreign markets while not opening the home market for competition.

Tik Tok, the social media app owned by the Chinese firm, Byte Dance has been fingered as a tool for data collection and propaganda by several western countries including the United States.

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