Isreal Adesanya Knocks Out Pereira, Regains UFC Title

Isreal Adesanya
Isreal Adesanya (Getty Images)

Isreal Adesanya, on Saturday night in Miami, reclaimed his middleweight title with a knock out win over Alex Pereira.

It was a stunning take down in the second round which gave the title back to the Nigerian, Adesanya.

Pereira had earlier in November 2022, beaten Adesanya to claim the title.

The UFC fight had started on an upbeat note with Pereira on the offensive, landing a volley of shots on Adesanya.

Adesanya recovered from that and landed some brutal shots which sent the Brazilian Pereira stumbling.

Adesanya then took the initiative with a crushing right blow that knocked down Pereira. Countless fidt blows on Pereira on the floor forced the the fight to be awarded to Adesanya, decisively.

With the victory, Adesanya had restored his legacy which was tarnished by the loss to Pereira in November last year.

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