Microsoft Goes Head To Head With Google On AI Technology

Microsoft Building
Microsoft Building(Credit: Yahoo Finance)

Microsoft announced today that it was updating its Bing search engine with artificial intelligence (AI) which will put it in direct competition with its biggest rival, Google in online searches.

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in the startup, OpenAI, which makes the popular ChatGP platform for automating tasks like content creation and related jos.

With the inclusion of technology from OpenAI, Microsoft will rival Google in almost everything about online searches.

Microsoft believes the new AI technology as proven by ChatGP will reshape almost every software category. The firm is now aiming to use ChatGP technology in its cloud products and in online searches.

AT technology can be used to create any text or image and ChatGP has made it apparent to almost all software users.

For instance, ChatGP can be used to write homework and prepare marketing materials etc.

This battle with Google for AI just got started. Hopefully consumers would get the benefits of the new competition for this new technology between the two big software giants.

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