Nigerian Senate Turn Down Tinubu’s Proposal, For Military Intervention In Niger Republic

Bola Ahmed Tinubu
President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

The Nigerian Senate has rejected president Bola Tinubu’s proposal for a military intervention, to restore democratic rule in Niger Republic. 

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who is also the Chairman of regional bloc, Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) wrote the National Assembly on Friday, August 4, seeking that lawmakers’ approve for the implementation of Resolutions of the ECOWAS on the political situation in Niger Republic.

The Senate, after a two-hour deliberation behind closed doors on Saturday, August 5, they resorted to advising President Tinubu against using military actions to calm the atmosphere in Niger and force the coupists out of power. 

President Tinubu was advised by the senate to rather use a diplomatic approach in tackling the situation in Niger Republic and return the country to a democratic governance.

Senate President Godswill Akpabio said;

“The Senate commends President Ahmed Bola Tinubu and other Heads of States and Governments of the ECOWAS for their prompt response and the position taken on the unfortunate development in Niger Republic.

“The Senate recognises the fact that President Tinubu by virtue of his correspondence has not asked for the approval of this Senate to go to war as being erroneously suggested in some quarters.

“Rather, the President and Commander in chief had ‘wished to respectively solicit the support of the National assembly in the successful implementation of the ECOWAS resolutions as outlined in the said communication”.

“The Senate calls on the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as chairman of ECOWAS to further encourage other leaders of ECOWAS to strengthen the political and diplomatic options and other means with which to resolve the political impasse in Niger Republic”.

The National Assembly called on ECOWAS leadership under President Tinubu to resolve the political situation in Niger and return the country to democratic governance in the nearest future”.

The leadership of the senate is mandated to further engage the President and Commander in Chief on behalf of the senate and the national Assembly on how best to resolve the issue in view of the hitherto existing cordial relationship between Niger and Nigeria”.

“Finally, the Senate called on the ECOWAS Parliament to rise to the occasion by condemning this and also positing solutions to resolve this impasse as soon as possible.”

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