Tunisia In Race Row With African Union Over Immigration

Kais Saled
Tunisian President Kais Saled (Credit: Reuters)

The African Union (AU) has criticized Tunisia over racial comments targeted at immigrants.

The issue started after Tunisian President Kais Saled ordered the expulsion of undocumented migrants and branded immigration as a ploy to change the country’s demographic make-up and stopping it from being an Arab and Muslim country.

The AU expressed shock at the statement by the Tunisian authorities while reminding the county of its obligation as an AU member to treat migrants with dignity.

The Tunisian president ordered security forces to stop deport all undocumented migrants and put a stop to all illegal migration. This order has ignited widespread fears amongst black Tunisians and Black Africans from Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Tunisian foreign ministry issued a statement calling the AU accusations “baseless” and said the government’s position was misunderstood.

It is unclear how the AU would react to the pushback from the Tunisian government. The statements and directives issued by the government are clearly racist and might instigate an escalation of the issues with the AU and member countries, particularly sub-saharan countries.

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