UK Government Places Nigeria Health Workers On Employment Red List

health workers Ban
Photo Credit: Tribune

The United Kingdom has revised its policy on the recruitment of foreign health workers from Nigeria.

The code of practice for the international recruitment of health and social care personnel in England has placed Nigeria on the red list countries, which means, “no active recruitment is permitted”.

Apart from Nigeria, the UK also placed 53 other countries on the red list of countries that should not be actively eligible for recruitment by health and social care employers in the UK.

The code of practice applies to the appointment of all international health and social care personnel in the UK, including all permanent, temporary, and locum staff in clinical and non-clinical settings.

The United Kingdom has become one of the favored countries that recruits thousands of Nigerian healthcare workers annually in a phenomenon known locally as “Japa”. This recruitment is causing brain drain of precious personnel that are needed to manage the poorly run healthcare sector in Nigeria. The health workers are enticed with better pay and improved working conditions.

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