How Your Smart Phone Can Serve As a POS Machine in Nigeria

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Nigerians have unexpectedly gone cashless these last few months because of the Naira redesign policy, with cash scarcity doubling the level of frustration experienced in the country. Nonetheless, Point Of Sale (POS) machines have played a major role in easing the frustrations.

You can make a purchase, and initiate payments through the POS with your debit card in a matter of seconds.

The tech world keeps evolving and making life easier, now we have the SoftPOS. With this technology, you don’t have to spend money on buying the conventional POS machine. Your mobile smart phone is all you need to access this amazing tech innovation. This feature turns your phone into a digital point of sale terminal by the use of a software installed on your phone. It was designed for micro to small-sized businesses including individuals, agents, and merchants.

What is SoftPOS

Otherwise known as Software Point of Sale, SoftPoS allows you to accept and turn your regular smartphone or tablet into a secure payment terminal, using a plastic card or its equivalent.

There are Fintech companies that can help you turn your phone into a convenient POS machine without hassles.

NowNow is a digital payment systems Ltd that provides financial services to Consumers, Agents and SMES. The company is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a mobile Solutions Provider, so your money is secure with them.

You can visit to find out more about their services.

Photo Credit: NowNow

Another Fintech company you can count on to lead you through the SoftPOS feature is Nigerian fintech startup, Kuda, they just recently launched the contactless payment. Visit to get started.

Photo credit: Kuda

Your smart phone can do more than just calls, text messages, surfing the Net and social media, you can use both the POS and SoftPOS if you already have the former.    

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