Zimbabwean Immigration Detain and Deport Journalist, David Hundeyin

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Popular Nigerian investigative Journalist, David Hundeyin, has cried out for help on his official Twitter handle, explaining how he has been detained in Zimbabwe. 

In a series of tweets posted on Wednesday, July 19, Hundeyin lamented he has been detained inside a ‘’smelly”, locked up room’ for seven hours at the Harare Airport, Zimbabwe.

He recounted that he arrived the Southern African country with high hopes that it has a visa-free relationship with the country documents he was traveling on. However, upon his arrival, he was asked to provide his visa.

Following his inability to provide a visa, he was immediately processed to be taken out of the country, but he has been locked up for hours, alongside a woman from Ugandan.

Hundeyin revealed he risks missing his return flight to Addis Ababa if he is still kept in detention by the Zimbabwean immigration officers.

Out of fear that the Zimbabwean authorities might have forgotten locking them up, he has further asked the authorities to allow him return to Nigeria and promised not to ever visit the country.

He was finally put on another flight and deported out of the country after the ordeal.

See David Hundeyin’s Twitter posts below:

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