Donald Trump: Historic Indictment Of An Ex-President

Donald Trump (Credit: Politico)

Donald Trump is in the news again, this time for a criminal indictment.

The US ex-president and current Republican party presidential runner for 2024 elections, has been indicted in a probe over money paid to a porn star. He would be arrested, face a mug shot and finger printed before his appearance in court next week.

This is a historic shame for an ex-president to be indicted and proescuted like a common criminal.

There are reports that Trump, 76, could face up to 30 counts of charges related to fraud in his business dealings.

Trump has called this political persecution and election interference in a released statement. He accused the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, who has been the point man of the investigation, of trying to hurt his electoral chances.

However, this indictment has been coming and staring the former president in the face.

Trump had earlier in the year asked his supporters to provide money for his legal defense. He also called for a protest.
This is ironic, considering Trump had always bragged about being a rich billionaire.

Donald Trump’s legal troubles seem to be only just beginning as he also faces a criminal probe of tying to overturn his 2020 election defeat in Georgia. He also faces a probe into his handling of classified documents found in his residence in Florida, after leaving office.

Donald Trump and controversy are always not far away. Could this be the event that permanently damages him and ends any talk of a comeback?

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