Donald Trump Indicted, Attacks Judge And Prosecutor

Donald Trump
Donald Trump (Credit: Getty Images)

Former United States President, Donald Trump. was indicted on 34 counts of charges yesterday in New York.
Trump pleaded not guilty and promptly flew back to Florida to address a press conference attacking the judge and prosecutor in his arraignment.

Trump called the prosecutor Alvin Bragg a “criminal” and described the Judge, Juan Merchan, as a racist.

Trump said Juan Merchan and his wife were “Trump Haters” and that Juan’s daughter worked for Kamala Harris, the current US Vice President.

He said the real criminal in the case was the prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, who he accused of leaking the grand jury information to the press.

It is not known how helpful this direct attack would be to his case, but a gag order had not been placed on Trump yet by the Judge in the case. Directly attacking a Judge in the case could seriously backfire for Trump, and his ability to successfully navigate the case ahead of the Republican party nomination race.

Trump also faces more serious criminal charges about trying to upturn election results in the state of Georgia.

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