Erisco Foods: Stop the Harassment of Chioma Okoli – Amnesty International

Erisco Saga
Chioma Egodi Vs Erisco (Credit: Punch)

The Erisco Tomato controversy has attracted the attention of Amnesty International, which has now called on the Nigerian Authorities to stop the harassment of Chioma Okoli over the matter.

Recall that the controversy started after a Facebook review of Erisco (Nagiko)Tomato paste made by a Chioma Okoli.

Erisco Foods, makers of the Tomato paste felt it was done in bad taste and used the police to arrest and detain the reviewer, Chioma Okoli.

Okoli was arrested in Lagos and flown to Abuja where she was detained, and allegedly made to forcefully sign a rebuttal of the review.

The owner of Erisco Foods, Eric Umeofia had alleged that Chioma was being used by his business enemies to damage his Erisco Food business. He then made a round of media houses insisting on going after Chioma, despite the intervention of several intermediaries to back off on the issue.

The action of Erisco Foods had unleashed a serious social media backlash against the company and its products. Several influencers had even called for the boycott of Erisco Foods.

Now, Amnesty International has stepped in with a post on the Twitter page calling on the Nigerian Authorities to stop the harassment of the Chioma Okoli over the matter.

Amnesty International Post

This is the post made on their page:

“Since September 2023, Chioma Egodi has been subjected to series of harassment and intimidation over a review of tomato paste on social media.

“The Nigerian Authorities must end the harassment of Chioma Egodi and stop using Cyber Crime Act to violate her rights.”


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