High Value Tech Skills That Will Help You Migrate From Nigeria

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Have you been thinking of emigrating but you want to be sure of a source of income before taking the bold step ? Of course, your thoughts are valid and there are no money trees abroad where you pluck money. You have to work in order to earn money.

Emigration is not only for medical practitioners and those leaving through the study route, it is for everyone who can afford to make it happen.

The Tech world is fast evolving and there are tech skills that are of high demand and can earn you a spot in well-established organizations abroad. Then you can “japa” (migrate) and say goodbye to ‘sapa’ (poverty).

As the “Japa” syndrome is eating deep into the country, the cure is to ensure you plan your means of survival by being proactive about what you have to offer the new environment you’re migrating to, in return for money. If you fail to put this in place, you may end up homeless or get involved in shady deals that could lead to your deportation, or even serving time in jail.

Here Are Some Tech Skills That Can Help You Survive Outside Nigeria

1. Remote Communication Skills: First of all, having strong skills in tools like email, instant messaging, and video conferencing can help facilitate communication with potential employers, Immigration officials, and others involved in the relocation process. Apart from all these, you can make money from being an email copywriter from the comfort of your home, email marketing is also a thing now and highly lucrative.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: Skills in AI and machine learning have become very valuable in recent years, as many companies seek to automate various roles to get work done faster and efficiently. You won’t roam the streets looking for menial jobs if you have this skill.

3. Data Analysis: Many companies require professionals who can analyze large amounts of complex data and provide insights that can improve their businesses. Developing skills in Data Analytics can increase one’s chances of finding rewarding employment abroad.

4. Programming Languages: Proficiency in different programming languages such as Java, Python, or C++ can be very useful, particularly if your target country has a thriving tech industry.

5. Cyber security: As the need for cyber security increases, skilled professionals in this area are in high demand. Building expertise in areas such as Network security, Cloud security, and Data security can help you find lucrative opportunities abroad.

6. Web Development and Design: With the growing need for businesses to have an online presence, Web development and design skills are increasingly in demand. Knowing how to create and maintain user-friendly websites is a hot skill.

There are many other tech skills that can help someone survive and make it big abroad, depending on your particular career aspiration and goals. However, the skills mentioned above are some of the most valuable and highest paying in today’s job market, both in Nigeria and abroad.

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