Israel Set To Flood Hamas Tunnels With Sea Water

Gaza War
IDF Troops Building Pipes (Credit: IDF /Getty Images)

The Gaza War between Israel and Hamas has resumed after the break brought about by the week-long ceasefire, which resulted in the release of hostages and prisoners on both sides.

Now images released have indicated that Israel is preparing to flood the Hamas tunnels in Gaza with sea water in a bid to render the tunnels inoperable and drive out the Hamas militants who are believed to operate from the tunnels.

Israel is said to have completed installing about five pumps, that could move millions of gallons of water from the Mediterranean sea to flood the tunnel network, which is estimated to be about 300 miles long.

This new tactic could potentially destroy any militants in such tunnels and even hostages who are believed to be held in the tunnels.

It is unclear how Israel intends to use the new strategy as several hundreds of hostages are still held by Hamas.

The tunnels have proven a tough nut to crack for the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) during the war which started after Hamas militants attacked crossed the border and attacked several Israeli settlement, killing thousands and taking hundreds of hostages back to Gaza.

Isreal has responded with a total declaration of war against Hamas with the attendant leveling of houses and infrastructure believed to be controlled by Hamas in Gaza. Isreal had also accused Hamas of using hospitals as operational basis with some released videos showing some hostages were first held in hospitals in Gaza.

The war had created a humanitarian crisis with thousands of Palestinians rendered homeless and forced to flee Northern Gaza for Southern Gaza.

Now there seems to be no where to flee as Israel has indicated military operations would start in Southern Gaza where thousands have fled to escape the Fighting.


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