Xiaomi SU7 shakes the electric vehicle market

Xiaomi SU7
Image Credit: Reuters /Phone Arena

Xiaomi, the Chinese mobile phone and appliances maker has joined the Electric Vehicle (EV) scramble, with the release of its entry production model, SU7.

The SU7 has taken the EV market by storm with pre-orders getting close to 90,000 in the first day of opening.

The SU7 is a major hit on social media especially Tik Tok, and the pre-order numbers seems to buttress the fact.

What is so special about the Xiaomi SU7?

First the price is sorely on point. For a vehicle that looks and actually performs like a much more expensive Porsche Taycan, the $30,000 price is super low. This singular fact has attracted hordes of potential buyers eager to get a feel of an expensive looking EV sedan sports car at a bargain price.

Xiaomi has confirmed that delivery of the SU7 would face considerable delays of up to 20 weeks to the heightened demand.

Xiaomin SU& Back View (Credit: Phone Arena)

The Xiaomi SU7 bears striking similarities with the much-acclaimed Porsche Taycan and Xiaomi has certainly spared no efforts in using premium materials for the sports sedan.

Some of the most sought-after features include the amazing range of 700km (435 miles) for the 73.6 kWh battery and 830km (516 miles) for the 94.3 kWh battery.

Those are game changing specs for a car that is priced at just $30,000.

This vehicle looks set to give the other players in the EV industry sleepless nights.

Tesla, Porsche and even other Chinese EV makers like BYD etc. need to step up their game.

Xiaomi SU7 is certainly the new standard in the EV industry.


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