Abuja Demolition: Wike Lied; He has 7 days to apologize to Igbos – Osita Nwoye

Nyesom Wike

The Chairman of the Igbo Community Assembly, Apo, Abuja, Ostadinma Nwoye has called out Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory for making false statements about the demolition of the property of Nicholas Ukachukwu.

Nwoye also demanded an apology from the Minister or face the wrath of all Igbos and the gods of Igbo land. The demand was issued with an ultimatum of 7 days.

Nwoye made the demands in a statement to the media, over the alleged derogatory comments made by Wike against the Igbo community. Wike is said to have made the statements while superintending over the demolition of the properties situated in an estate owned by prominent Igbo developer, Nicholas Ukachukwu.

Wike is alleged to have used the words “why should an Igbo man be given such massive land and there?”

Nwoye said such statements do not promote unity and peace while calling on Wike to note that Abuja is not Port Harcourt.

The Igbo Community Chairman also presented to the press, copies of Ministerial approvals for the Land and Court Orders restraining the demolition of the properties.

Here is an excerpt of the statement by Nwoye:

“Wike should apologize to the Igbos for using the alleged derogatory language.

“That ‘why should an Igbo man be given such massive land and there?’ and that he has dealt with Igbos in Port Harcourt that he will do same here in Abuja.

“We want to remind him that Abuja is not Port Harcourt,”

“We also want to ask Nyesom Ezenwo Wike other fundamental questions on the said Asokoro land matter.

“Question No. 1. Was there a court order restraining the demolition? Question No. 2 If there was, why was it not obeyed?”

“He told Nigerians that there was no ministerial approval for the said Asokoro land but with me here is a copy of the ministerial approval.

“He (Wike) is lying. We also have copies of the court orders. We also have copies of proof of service to show that he was duly served.”


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