Betty Akeredolu Labels In-law as “Shameless” for Supporting Aiyedatiwa’s Guber Run


Betty Akeredolu, the widow of the late former Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, has come out against Funke Akeredolu Aruna, the niece of Rotimi Akeredolu, for supporting the Governorship bid of Lucky Aiyedatiwa.

Lucky Aiyedatiwa was the Deputy Governor before the death of Rotimi Akeredolu.

Aiyedatiwa was sworn in as Governor and is now contesting to be Governor in the upcoming November elections.

Betty Akeredolu has been at odds with Aiyedatiwa ever since her husband, Rotimi Akeredolu took ill and had to hospitalized outside Nigeria.

Betty had come on her Instagram page to post a picture of Funke with a face cap with the words “I am Lucky”.

Those words were interpreted to mean a show of support for the Governorship bid of Aiyedatiwa.

Funke Akeredolu Aruna

This is an excerpt of what she posted:

Behold the face of Aketi’s niece, Funke Akeredolu Aruna, the former deputy chief protocol to Aketi, shamelessly parades as “I’M LUCKY “. Bloody serpent 🐍! Time will tell if she is truly lucky!

That statement has led to more speculations that all might not be well in the Akeredolu household.

During the funeral ceremony, Betty made a comment directed at some unknown persons who she said called her husband a weakling for showing her love.

The friction might not be unconnected to the fact that Betty, who is Igbo, is feeling alienated in the family, because of her place of origin, in contrast to that of her late husband’s family.


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