Hunger in the Land: NEMA Warehouses Looted in Abuja

Looters (Credit: TheNation)

The menace of hunger in Nigeria is now becoming so prevalent, and is posing a serious problem for the Government to handle.

Earlier today, there were reports of people breaking into the warehouse of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), and looting the food items stored in the warehouse.

The Nation Newspaper is reporting that the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Police has confirmed the looting of the warehouse located in the Gwagwa section of Abuja in the early hours of Sunday, March 2, 2024.

The report indicated that not only food items of maize grains but anything tangible and removable were carted off by the attackers, mostly youths.

The looters were said to have operated for hours, unhindered before the appearance of the Police, who made some arrests.

This incident is another indication of growing hunger, anger and frustration at the harsh economic policies in Nigeria.

Recall that they have been several peaceful protests around the country against the rising cost of living due to inflation.

The signals from these incidents are pointing to growing restlessness and if not properly managed, can spiral into a nationwide unrest.

The fact is that many families can hardly afford two square meals a day in Nigeria.

The removal of fuel subsidy and the unwavering insecurity has contributed to the sad situation.

Farmers in food growing belts are afraid to go their farms leading to food shortages and the inevitable increase in prices of food stuffs.

This is the time for the Government to show understanding and read the situation clearly.

The Nigerian people need help and they need it now.


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