Certifications To Help Boost Your Career

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The work place is becoming very competitive and everyone is trying to get ahead of the competition. You need to get some certifications to help you stand out amongst millions of people out there. Upskilling has never gone out of style, it can help land you a life changing deal.

There are many certifications that can help improve your career and help your advancement depending on your industry and job role. Here are few you can choose from;

Project Management Professional: This certification is ideal for individuals who work in project management. It is a globally recognized certification that demonstrates the holder’s knowledge and skills in leading and managing projects.

Chartered Accountant: This is good for people who work in accounting and finance. It builds the holder’s expertise in accounting principles, financial reporting, taxation, and auditing. Chartered Accounting Certifications are considered the gold standard in the accounting profession in Nigeria.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional: CISSP is best if you work in information technology (IT) and cyber security. This skill broadens your knowledge in designing, implementing, and managing cyber security programs.

Certified Human Resources Professional: This is important for people who work in human resources. It help the holder to be grounded in skill areas such as recruitment, employee relations, compensation and benefits.

Certified Scrum Master: The certification is very important for you if you work in software development or project management, if you want to improve your skills in using the Agile methodology to manage projects, then, this is for you. However, for software professionals, the actual programming/development platform you specialize on is more important than any certification.

Certified Analytics Professional: This is for individuals that work in data analytics and want to expand their knowledge in analytics. This certification covers topics such as data mining, predictive modeling and data visualization.

These are just a few examples of certifications that can help improve someone’s career. It’s important to research and choose the one that aligns with your career goals and industry. You can get these certifications either offline or online. Some popular online academies where you can get both free or paid courses are Linkedin Learning, Hubspot Certification, Google Certification courses, Alamy .

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