Frank Lampard And The Calamitous Season At Chelsea

Lampard and Azpilicueta
Frank Lampard and Caesar Azpilicueta (Credit: AP)

It is no news that Chelsea was walloped 4-1 last night at Manchester United. Goals from Casemiro, Anthony Martial, Bruno Fernandes, and Marcus Rashford added to the misery of Chelsea at Old Trafford. The only consolatory goal for Chelsea, came from Joao Felix late in the second half. Felix unleashed a brilliant shot which beat De Gea in goal for Manchester United.

It is now very apparent to everyone connected with the London club that this has been a very abysmal and calamitous season.

Chelsea had seen 4 managers in one season! With over 600million spent on new players and still no direction. The club lost 8 of out of the last 10 games.

Now it’s easy to blame the coaches for most of the fallout and yeah, Frank Lampard needs to take a share of the blame for some of his tactics and selections. However, the coach does not play the game on the pitches, the players do. Chelsea players have just not been up to par.

Yesterday’s horrible defensive performance was just too glaring to watch. There were flashes of good ball distribution but no cutting edge or finishing power. This team is broken and cannot wait for the last game of the season to call time out on the disaster. For such an expensively assembled and talented squad, the seasons performance is just not good enough.

Chelsea’s Horrible Season

Mistakes have definitely been made starting with the unceremonious sacking of Thomas Tuchel, and the disastrous tenure of Graham Potter. Frank Lampard was then designated to carry the load of this underachieving team till the end of the season. That plan has clearly not worked well. This latest coaching stint has certainly not helped the credentials of Lampard who was similarly sacked earlier in the season at Everton for the continuous losses the team faced. The chances of Lampard landing a coaching job in the Premiership in the near future is certainly up in the air. He would have to rebuild his tarnished reputation.

Now, new coach designate Mauricio Pochettino will have the task of straightening the team and putting it back on track in the new season.

First on his agenda is to do a massive clear out of underachieving and lazy players who despite been put on extremely good weekly wages are just not pulling their weight on the pitch.

Pochettino would do well to split the team in two and relegate any underachieving player to the second team and keep them far away from the main team. Any dissent must be promptly dealt with and player transfers / sales should definitely be put on the table.

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