Pandemonium As Fire Guts Lagos Port

Lagos Port-1

There was a state of pandemonium, chaos and disaster as fire outbreak wrecked goods, properties and machines at the Ports and Cargo Terminal berth 7 and 8, at Tin Can Island port, Lagos.

The disastrous incident happened on Thursday, July 20, when a crane caught fire and it affected a vessel, MV. ALGECIRAS EXPRESS, which was loaded with shipping containers filled with goods.

According to eyewitnesses, the crane caught fire while off-loading containers from the vessel, which then extended to the vessel and other containers loaded in the vessel.

From the findings made to ascertain what led to the sudden fire outbreak, it was discovered that, the crane had a mechanical fault, which reportedly caught fire that raged for about four hours before it was brought under control by firemen .

The management of the NPA is yet to make an official statement concerning the unfortunate incident but sources confirmed no life was lost during the outbreak.

Watch a video from the scene below:

Video credit: Youtube
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