With All Your Education, You are Driving Cabs Abroad – Remi Tinubi Chides Nigerians


The First Lady, Remi Tinubu has urged Nigerians to be more helpful to one another during an interview on Arise News on Thursday.

While acknowledging the economic crisis faced by Nigerians, she took a swing at Nigerians who “Japa” to take on work they would not do in Nigeria.

“Japa” is a term used to describe the mass immigration of Nigerians to foreign countries due to economic hardship in the country.

Remi Tinubu said educated Nigerians refused to stay back in the country to work while accepting more demeaning work abroad.

Here is an excerpt of her statement:

Nigerians we can help each other. It’s not that the government will begin to give food to everybody. “It is for people God has blessed to help the poor,” she said. She added, “Even those people saying they are going to Japa, they go there. What work are they going to do? “Work that you refused to do at home where you have loved ones, you end up going to do that. “Even with all their education, they are driving cabs but won’t drive cabs here.”


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